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Pilgrim’s Super-Trimmed chicken is 99% fat free and all natural* boneless, skinless, chicken breast. The chicken is trimmed of all excess fat, with keel strip and rib meat removed. Download the sales sheet for more information, watch the video, and use the interactive calculator tool to determine the true product cost!


Sales Sheet

Super-Trimmed Prep Video

Watch the video to see the differences between preparing a Super-Trimmed vs non-trimmed product.



True Cost Calculator

Simply enter in the case price, labor rate, and preparation time per case to see the true cost of a Jumbo Random Butterfly breast vs Super-Trimmed Fillets.

Jumbo Random Butterflies Super Trim Fillets
Case Price
Case Price
Case Weight (lbs) 40 Case Weight (lbs) 40
Yield (lbs) 32.8 Yield (lbs) 40
Labor Rate per Hour
Labor Rate per Hour
Prep and Clean time per case
Prep and Clean time per case 0
Prep Cost / Case 0.00
Cost 40# Trimmed 0.00 Cost 40# Trimmed 0.00

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

All in Great Taste

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